Monday, June 8, 2009

June recipe

This is a great, easy recipe for a 4th of July cake. It is sooo good

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake, (you can make your own or buy one already made.)
Large box instant vanilla pudding
1 cup milk
1 pint vanilla ice cream soft.

Tear cake up into small chunks in a 9 X 12 pan. Mix ingredients together and pour over sponge cake. Then mix (2) 10 oz. pack frozen strawberries, thawed, 1 Large strawberry jello and 1 cup boiling water. Mix and pour over rest of ingredients. Cover with 16 oz. ox Cool Whip. Refrigerate 2 0r 3 hours or overnight. Enjoy


  1. That sounds so intriguing, Yorkie! I have never mixed vanilla pudding with milk and softened ice cream! Hmmm, sure think that would be a delicious and quick dessert! Thank you! Ü

  2. You are so welcome. My niece made this for a family get together and it was devoured! So good.